Project Brief

Style Guide Redesign 2017

As a team of Three, we needed to redesign the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Museum of Art’s Style Guide. Within three weeks, we managed to fully rebrand and repackage SCAD’s MoA experience with 30 redesigned screens.
Interactive Designer
-Derien Brown
Art Director
-Faten Almukhtar
Motion Designer
-Veró Gomez Frobisher


The SCAD Museum of Art serves students and visitors alike as a teaching museum with twin goals of enriching the high caliber of education SCAD provides its students and reaching out to the Savannah community and beyond.

Research And Insights

Exhibition pages have a link to individual artist pages. As Well as Reception and Calendar times, where users can contact and book.
Thanks to the existing structure of the SCAD MoA, we as a team had very little changes to the existing content architecture. We primarily focused our efforts on information design.
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