Ample works as a conversational interface to invite networks and communities to local spaces. As a tool, it's purpose is to help individuals discover areas, feel comfortable in them, and encourage those users to find like-minded individuals.
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In our research found that many of our users knew their spaces of preference and had the curiosity to find newer ones. However, they didn’t have the access to understand the right moments to visit. (click here to read more)
UX Design, Information Architecture, Product Owner/Strategy
Conversational Interface for Communities.
A conversational interface to foster networks and communities within your local spaces. Reminding users whether spaces are around the corner, or just a few minutes away from discovery.
Product Overview
In the synthesis of our research, we found that our product needed to facilitate the discovery and reflect the culture these spaces might provide. In these efforts, we designed a chatbot to funnel existing customers into the opportunities of these individual communities.
As a product, Ample will provide user preferred spaces for potential newcomers and business owners to gauge their user base. In our competitor research, found we ways to leverage existing product solutions for potential user preferability and comfort.
Using our knowledge of the competition, we felt it was best to leverage the systems our users already knew and take advantage of promoting their existing networks within these products. (Such as Geotags, Facebook Network, and Local Business pages.)
User Flows
Onboarding Chat Bot
Finding Space Mobile
Primary Features
Staying lean, we wanted to avoid designing an additional application with unnecessary features/ repetitive API creeps. We decided to create a chat-bot centered around three core features FIND MY SPACE, SAVE MY SPACE, and SHARE Location.
Recieving Space
Additionally, we wanted a mobile to serve as an additional touchpoint to our ecosystem’s product roadmap.  The primary interactions intended here was to facilitate our users need to receive and share spaces within their network.
Shared Perspective
Sharing A Location
Leaving A Space
As our users leave the space? We want to utilize CUI to establish the businesses’ actual S.A.S.S.Y framework better. Are they hip, or are a little relaxed?  Why do you think so? Keep these short and less severe using Facebook, we hope people are more comfortable providing feedback.
Rating A Space
Why Was this Needed
However, with the high emphasis, we needed to keep the idea constant adaptable spaces through live feedback. Keeping our areas relevant and update with what we could consider Ample’s SASS.
Applying these Core Values
We found many that many of our user’s preferences could be summarized into a framework called S.A.S.S.Y. The acronymous are defined as such: Speciality what is the space most famous for, who might be the Audience they are catering towards? What is the live/Special mood of the occasion? Are there any Special groups that might flock here? Why might the? What makes these locations so special and unique?
Summerized Customer Pain Points
The Plugin
Staying true to our co-working space user, we incorporated the minimum viable product as a desktop/browser plugin for users to download and incorporate into their nomadic tendencies.
Users within Ample Communities can one tap connect to wifi, save Spaces, receive notifications on active specials, show their location and have immediate access to a map of potential spaces in the area.
Quickly, in the synthesis of our research, we found that we need our product to focus on the discovery and culture thirds spaces might provide. So we wanted to achieve the ability to facilitate such discovery through promoting a variety of business fitting the user needs.
A place where you could immediately discover or connect to her space of preference; as-well-as invite your network to join you in the area. Ample as a web widget could grow alongside the efforts of our supported business.
Discover and Search
Provided our user's desires are centered around the possibility of spontaneity or variety, we sought to reinvent the way our users discovered our spaces utilizing our application’s browse.
Avaliable Spaces and map
Instead of focusing on building a comprehensive interactive map. We believed that we should focus on how close these spaces are to these users and how these spaces previewed for a user of potential interest.
This project helped me to completely define my personal process and the comfort to wear many hats to prepare myself better for the professional world. Through this project I learned product research, product ownership, and alot of necessary leadership skill.
Daritza Perez
Archana Srinivasan
kellY BeNTON
Thomas Cusimano
Meshal Almazyad
UX Design,Product Owner/Strategy
Visual Strategy
Design Management-Research
UX Designer (Orignal Project)
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