We as a team developed Iceberg, a fitness community for fitness enthusiasts to create, inspire, and share on a database of workouts. Initially, we designed an application like Instagram, but for working out. However, revisiting the research, I felt the conceptual model needed a redesign.
  UX Design, Information Architecture
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Identifying Needs
As a team, we focused on mid-range fitness enthusiasts and dived deeper towards the competitive landscape of fitness applications. We conducted quantitative research and began speaking to people to understand how they approached workout development.
Workouts From People You Know and Trust.
In the first week, we conducted an online survey where about 283 people answered. We learned that 54.1% of those surveyed motivated to workout from others, but 60.1% of those people prefer exercises alone. We also learned that the most popular source for new workouts includes friends and credible instructors.
Few Applications catered to the Intermediate.
We quickly learned the majority of applications like Nike Training Club and Pump Up are well designed to motivate newer individuals; however, very few cater to more experienced users looking to refresh their regimen.
Bloat of So Many Different Channels.
Currently, our audience has workout videos on Instagram, YouTube, global fitness challenges, and a plethora of blogs created by trainers and individuals passionate about personal fitness. All we needed to do is connect to this framework.
Following the deadline of 5 Weeks, we developed short iterative personas based on real people. An Intermedia Fitness Enthusiast and a Personal Trainer, both that are motivated to workout and are personally passionate about their journey towards a healthier self.
Alex Sander
Regular User. Primary Market of Interest
User needs
Desires to challenge herself. Generally, Alex is at the gym 5-6 times a week and gets workouts typically from her peers. She has clearly defined goals and also will need the ability to filter through her exercises without wasting time quickly.
As an individual, she is reaching her peak and having a hard time approaching her personal goals with the same routine. Her own life is picking up, but she lacks time to research deeper with her existing resources.
Morgan Hayes
Intermediate User. Special Market of Interest
User needs
Certified Trainer, and takes pride in her personal ability to spread knowledge. Morgan utilizes her facebook as a way to connect out with a broader audience called my fitness peeps. Currently has the network, wants to spread her knowledge.
As a certified trainer, she finds her self-juggling staying fit, having the personal life, and keeping her peers inspired. Often unable to get new workouts and finds sharing her workouts a burden without recycling.
BY  Dipali Bajaj
How Does it Work
Designed four primary application tabs, Home, Search, Notification Feed, and Profile. We need to create an application focused on three fundamental user needs, Discover, Develop, and Distribute Workouts.
"Everything is all over the place. You need one app to keep track of your progress, another for your food intake, and yet another for inspiration.”
— Sam Boyd -28
Discoverablity And comfortablity
As a group, we sought to design a more straightforward hub for workout enthusiasts to discover and store new workouts. While many users desired a broad range of feature support regarding food and composition metrics, The MVP needed to focus solely on fitness.
Display the weekly workout calendar, as well as the current workout of the day. View recently completed workouts, your saved exercise library, and Iceberg’s fitness community of live workouts.
Preview Workouts flow
As with many product design trends, our application needed to appeal to quick browsing and gesture swiping to preview workouts seamlessly.  We need users to immediately feel this application working as application catered to their immediate fitness desires.
Search TAB
Discoverablity and Connecting With a Network
How might we provide, users the ability to discover new workouts, as well as build a more extensive library of fitness enthusiasts?
Search and connect with trainers you already established trust from platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. Where they can additionally share followers, workouts, and knowledge.
Notifications. TAB
Profile Live Feed and Followed Channels
In this application, we quickly saw that while we focused on finding workouts and connecting with people our users trusted, we needed a way to reflect the broader community of exercises and resources.
Provides updates in real time, sharing the workouts your friends and followers are using. Here you can add an exercise to your calendar, save it for later, or begin the workout immediately.
Profile. TAB
Personal Hub For Activity and Improvement
Quickly in the design, we learned that we need user profiles where users could view personal progress save and store progress.
In this, we separated workouts into columns of Activity and Progression. Where the user can edit their composition, store photos and juggle their collection of exercises.
Bringing the Heat
Fueled by electric energy through high contrasting oranges, purples, and blues we created Ice-berg. A visual language that is reusable but also modular helped reflect the brand and guide users eye travel.
Place Holder Text for and a overall style tile for the looks and feel.
Designing  Interactions
The Biggest Challenge for the entire application was designing user flows that were very simple, usable, and had the appropriate user case hierarchy similar to our competition.
Create Workout
The most significant challenge was perfecting the conceptual model of a steno notebook. Workouts easily accessed, quick to edit, and simple to use. Openly showing a workout list without the compromise of large amounts of data used during application usage.
While the workout creation model was very successful, we needed an access point for people to discover new workouts. Most of our users already had reliable sources for fitness, why not reconnect them.
Possibly the most talented team I ever worked with during my stay at SCAD.  We all had a diverse array of skill sets and managed to research, develop screens, a press kit, and promotional video.
This project, allowed me to put into perspective advice I learned from a great mentor of mine, Mike Locke ”You shouldn’t waste time arguing with peers.” With this, I took a backseat and focused on the larger goal at hand to later redesign this application in my portfolio.
My Role
Faten Almukhatar
Dipali Bajaj
Laura Renteria
UX Design, Information Architecture
Art Direction, UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design, Photo/Videography
Graphic Design, Brand Designer
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